Landscape Architecture

Landscapes are a love affair for us. Our mission is to connect people with their landscapes by creating beautiful, resilient, functional spaces that you want to spend time in; where you can experience changes with the seasons and time; and which inspire you to become a good steward for our local environment. We strive to maximize the utility of a space, solving the individual challenges of each landscape with thoughtful, well designed solutions, while discovering/revealing/enhancing the potential for beauty. Common design considerations include sustainable stormwater management, incorporating edible plants into ornamental beds, reducing management by building healthy environmental systems, strategies to minimize damage from deer, and incorporating native plants.

Our strength is in listening to our clients to understand what they’re hoping to achieve, and showing them possibilities they may not have considered. We can do intimate, moody spaces, or sunny, whimsical yards for entertaining, and everything in-between. We have designed tidy, modern spaces, and wild, maximalist gardens. We can advise on the best strategies to maximize a small budget, and how to plan for a phased installation over time.

We enjoy: Trying new things, using recycled materials, trying out new plants – our planting palette is vast and evolving, incorporating current research and landscape trends, designing for children and play. We will not: use invasive plants, place large plants in small spaces that will require extensive pruning; create problems for future owners.

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